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Do I have to get my financing approved before the roof work starts?

We recommend always having your finances in line with a big purchase like this so there won’t be any snags along the way. We want to get your roof installed ASAP without any hiccups.

How long are financing plans for?

We never want money to be the reason you put off your roof replacements. So, we offer a multitude of options to fit your specific needs. We have plans available for 5yrs, 7yrs, 10yrs and 15yrs – all with $0 money down and no payments due for 6 months. So don’t hesitate to get your financing today!

Does applying for financing affect my credit?

Short answer: yes. For the most part, applying for personal loans or lines of credit is considered a hard inquiry and can drop your credit score by about 5 points, but this can depend on the situation.

I had no idea my roof needed attention, so what if I can’t afford it right now?

We work with different companies to offer the best financing options and payment plans. Most of the families we serve rave about our 18 months, no interest plan!