Summertime is here—there is no denying it. Shavano Park, TX, puts up with a great deal of hot weather during the summer months. 

If the heat is brutal even for you, then what about your home? Think about it. In the process of shielding you, your roof faces constant exposure to the elements and has no protection from extreme weather events. 

It is time to repay the favor by choosing the best roofing professionals around: Bondoc Roofing. We specialize in all things roofing, including repairs, replacements, and especially storm damage repair. 

Storm Damage Roof Repair 

San Antonio, Shavano Park, and surrounding areas see their fair share of extreme weather events. 

Rainstorms, heavy winds, hailstorms, and severe summer temperatures can all damage your roof. However, many of the damages that transpire during extreme weather events in Texas can go unnoticed by homeowners. 

That is why we recommend having one of our professionals inspect your roof for storm damages after the weather calms down. During the 17-point inspection of your roof, we will look for the following: 

Hail and Windstorm Shingle Repair 

Depending on the size, hail can break through the shingle or tiles and damage the wooden boards that lie under your roof (i.e., the fascia). Not only will the single or tile need repairing, but you will also need an experienced roofer to fix the fascia. 

In addition, high winds can take the singles or tiles off of your roof and leave it looking a bit bare. When this happens, we have you covered with our storm damage repair services. 

Gutter Repair 

Your gutter is susceptible to damages from high winds and heavy rainfall, too. Water accumulation can cause the gutter pipe to sag and pull away from your home. When this happens, your roof is open to water leaks that can damage your home’s interior. 

Roof Replacement Versus Roof Repairs: When is Each Necessary? 

It can be hard to determine if your roof needs replacing or parts need repairing. 

There are roofing companies that only accept entire roof replacement requests. Not us! If your roof only needs minor repairs, you can rely on our roofing contractors to get the job done. 

However, it can be tricky to know if you need a new roof entirely or just a few minor repairs. We want our customers to make informed and cost-effective choices for their roofing system, and that is why we have laid it out for you here. 

Roof Repairs 

To the untrained eye, spotting minor roof damages is a tricky task. Aside from the obvious—leaks and missing shingles—many other signs indicate that roof repair is necessary. 

That includes things such as: 

Some of the above issues are noticeable to homeowners. There are a couple that will require a professional roofer. If your roof is suffering from any of the problems we have discussed here, call our professionals today.

Roof Replacement 

If you notice any of the following, consider a roof replacement:

Routine inspections and maintenance can only keep your roof going for so long. Eventually, even the best cared for roofing system is going to need replacing. For the best roof replacement services, our professionals are ready to help. 

Types of Roofs 

If you’re considering a roof replacement, you should be aware of the options available to you. Each material offers a set of benefits, and some are more suitable for the Texas heat than others are. 

Metal Shingles 

Metal shingles can resemble wooden ones and are an aesthetic, weather-resistant option. Typically metal shingles can last up to 50 years. 

Wooden Shingles 

Among the most common roofing materials is the wooden shingle. Although they are not great for hot climates, they are an attractive option. On average, wooden shingles will last up to 15 years. 

Clay Shingles 

Clay shingles are expensive but last a very long time (over a century). In addition, clay is a good material for hot climates. 

Bondoc Roofing – Your Trusted Roofing Advisors in San Antonio

Proudly serving the San Antonio, TX, and Shavano Park areas for over 20 years, the Bondoc Family can help with any and all of your roofing needs.  When you need someone to take care of your roof, no one is better than Bondoc Roofing. Contact us today for a consultation!


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