Timberwood Park, TX, is rated as one of the best suburbs in all the state. But living in San Antonio, TX, means preparing your home for all types of extreme weather. There’s harsh sun, harsher hail, and even the occasional tornado. Just as you would fit any other part of your home for these weather events, you should not forget to prepare the roof over your head. 

Bondoc Roofing is there for any services you may need on your home’s first line of defense. We’re not like other roofing contractors. Instead, we pride ourselves on being roofing professionals, and we work with the qualifications to back that title up. Keep reading to learn more about what we can do to give your home’s roof the support it needs.


Roof Replacements

We know that your roof will not last forever. You will make the same realization once you notice something like damaged shingles or signs of water damage. Most homes in San Antonio, TX, use asphalt shingles for their strength and versatility, but these only last for up to 30 years—maybe fewer than that if you don’t keep up with maintenance. 

Luckily, Bondoc Roofing specializes in residential shingle roof replacement. Our roofing professionals are fully licensed and can provide the care and experience you need from a provider. We can send a technician to your home to take measurements and assess the state of your current roof, and they will give you a plan and a price quote by the end of that first consultation. 

The installation will be thorough and completely straightforward, so you will know what you are getting every step of the way. With us, we can turn an otherwise stressful process into something manageable.

Roof Repair

While other companies only work through total roofing replacements, Bondoc Roofing will not push an extensive renovation if one is not needed. We can inspect your roof and figure out how to proceed depending on the amount of damage. Our team usually opts to do roof repair for any minor problems.

Examples of minor problems are potential leaks that, if left alone, could become bigger issues. As for tiles and shingles that have gotten worn and damaged from the weather, we can fix and replace them as needed. We can also clear your gutters if they are clogged, which will keep rainwater from flooding and damaging your home. 

Your roof could last for decades if properly taken care of, and when you go through Bondoc Roofing, we make sure that it will be. 

Storm Damage Roof Repair

The stormy season in Timberwood Park, TX, can take a severe toll on the roofs in the area. Even if you do not see any visible damage after a storm, you should call for an inspection by one of our professionals to ensure your home is still safe. We’re skilled in all kinds of storm damage roof repair. 

If there is a problem, we can even work with your insurance adjuster to ensure that your claim is as accurate as possible. We use the same programs as they do, but we have a technical eye to see things they may have missed in their inspection.

Your roof might not always cover you, but we will make sure your insurance does.

Types of Roofs

There are various types of roofs available to the people of Timberwood Park, TX. But when you’re looking at your options, you should always consider the climate they’ll have to endure. 

Slate roofs last more than 100 years, but they’re also very fragile and will likely break during a hailstorm. Metal roofing is good under rain and snow but could rust and is also prone to denting. Most homes in Timberwood, TX, use stone, clay, or asphalt roofs since they can withstand any extreme type of San Antonio, TX, weather.

If you have questions, a Bondoc Roofing professional can help you pick a roofing material that best fits your needs.


Bondoc Roofing: Professional Roofers in San Antonio, TX

Bondoc Roofing has generations of roofing experience under its belt. We have served thousands of families across the San Antonio, TX, area, and we treat every new client with the same enthusiasm and passion as our very first.

We have a true passion for every angle of residential roofing. Because of that, we push ourselves to do a job that will make our community proud. 

At Bondoc Roofing, we are a local name. Our family-owned and -operated company has been in business since the early 2000s. We feel inspired to provide services to the San Antonio community because it is ours as much as it is yours.  So let our families work together to support your home. Contact Bondoc Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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