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6 Ways Your Roof Can Save You Money

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When you initially invest in a new roof,  it can feel more like spending money than saving it. After all, you are paying for the new roofing materials and the installation. But if you invest in a quality roof that has been carefully designed and perfectly installed, you’ll begin to see other cost savings that can continue for years after the installation. A new roof installed by a reliable roofing professional is a way to protect your home from rain and wind and it can also be a way to lower energy and insurance costs and minimize surprise expenses. Here are the top six ways a new quality roof can save you money. 

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1. Improved Attic Insulation

During the summer in San Antonio, Helotes, and other nearby areas, many homeowners keep their air conditioners running day and night. While this is needed to help keep the summer heat outside where it belongs, it can also translate to high energy bills. In fact, an average of 50-70% of the energy that is used in the most homes is used by the HVAC system. 

Inefficiency is a major cause of high energy bills. Sometimes you can lose cold air or heat through leaking ductwork, and sometimes your HVAC system itself may be running inefficiently. But one of the major causes of heating and cooling inefficiency in homes across the country is a poorly insulated roof. Including attic insulation as part of your new roof can reduce these costs. With good insulation in your attic, warm air will stay inside during the winter and will be kept outside during the summer. 

While freezing temperatures aren’t as big of a problem in San Antonio as they are in other parts of the country, attic insulation can also prevent ice dams or icicles on the edge of your roof on days when the temperature does drop below freezing.

2. Lowered Insurance Costs

Installing a new roof in New Braunfels, Helotes, or other areas can help to lower your insurance costs. Most insurance companies offer a discount for a newer roof, and some will lower it even further if you install a metal roof or other roofs that are more resistant to moisture, hail, and rain. You can save anywhere from 5%-35% on your insurance costs just by investing in a new roof.

3. Improved Attic Ventilation

A major problem that many homeowners in Texas have is hot air becoming trapped in the attic. When the warm air from the rest of the house rises, it can collect in the attic. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a bedroom near the attic, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping next to an oven. 

It’s important to pair insulation with attic ventilation to give the hot air somewhere to go. Ventilation not only lowers costs by keeping energy bills down, but it can also minimize expenses by helping your roof last longer. 

Good ventilation can also help prevent mold and mildew. There can be a lot of moisture present in hot air, especially in humid places like San Antonio, Bulverde, and Helotes. If the humidity has nowhere to go, your attic can become the perfect breeding ground for mold. 

There are different types of attic ventilation that you can have installed at the same time as you have your roof replaced. Some of them use gravity and natural airflow to pull warm air out of the attic. Others are powered and use electricity to draw out the stale air. 

One of the most popular types attic ventilation is ridge vents. These are installed along the entire peak of your roof. When they are paired with soffit intake vents, the combined power of gravity and natural airflow will cause the hot air to flow out of the ridge vents while cooler air is pulled in. They are an efficient option because no power is needed for the process to work. Box vents work the same but are placed in specific locations rather than along the ridge. 

Powered attic vents run on electricity and work like a fan to pull out the hot air. While some choices may be more efficient than others, any of these options is cheaper than letting warm air stay trapped in the attic. 

4. Increased Lifespan

If reduced insurance and energy costs aren’t enough to offset the money that you spend on an installation, your minimized replacement and repair costs will be. If you purchase a new roof that is built to handle weather in New Braunfels and San Antonio, you will be able enjoy your roof for years without having to pay for another roof replacement. For instance, if you invest in a new metal roof, it could last 50 years or more before needing to be replaced. You won’t even have to spend a lot of money on maintenance because this type of roof can continue protecting your home with very little help. 

5. Increased Moisture Protection

When you have a new roof installed by a roofing professional, you can take the opportunity to add better underlayment to protect your house from moisture. If you have had problems in the past with your roof deck rotting from too much moisture, you’ll know how expensive these repairs can get. Investing in a new roof with improved underlayment will prevent your home from getting moisture damage in the future and will keep the leaks away. Extra underlayment can also help you get discounts on your insurance and you will be able to enjoy a roof that lasts much longer. 

6. Better Resistance to Storms 

When you have a poor-quality roof with loose shingles that is prone to leaking, every storm that passes through the area can be a source of stress. You may spend the entire storm searching your attics for leaks, and afterwards you’ll be looking for missing shingles or other types of damage. When you have a quality roof that offers better resistance to storms, you won’t have to worry about getting storm damage every time the wind blows a little bit. You will save money because you won’t have to pour as much of your funds into storm damage repairs.  

Don’t Forget to Invest in a Quality Roof!

It’s important to remember that these cost savings only accompany a high-quality roof that has been installed by a company with integrity and good materials. If you have a poor-quality roof that has been installed incorrectly, it will become a liability and a constant source of trouble for you. Poorly installed roofs lead to expensive leaks, high energy bills, and serious problems like rotting roof decks and mold. This type of roof will likely need to be replaced within 10 years of installing it. When investing in a new roof make sure you choose a San Antonio roofing company with a strong reputation for well-crafted roofs that stand the test of time. 

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A new roof that has been meticulously installed can not only bring a lot of peace of mind, but it can also help save you a lot of money. From insurance savings to reduced repair and maintenance costs, roof replacement is worth the investment. At Bondoc Roofing, we want to do everything we can to make homeownership more affordable for you. 

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