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Gutters: Are They Necessary?

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Many homes have gutters, but some don’t, which leaves many homeowners wondering, are gutters necessary? While they’re not required for homes and may not be installed when a home is purchased, they are invaluable and provide numerous benefits for homeowners. Of course, many homeowners may be concerned about the maintenance and care of the gutters. As long as the maintenance is done regularly, this shouldn’t be a huge concern, and the benefits will outweigh the work that is needed. Read below to learn more about why you’ll want gutters installed on your home. 

Why Some Homes Don’t Have Gutters

During the construction of new homes, gutters are often optional. It’s up to the builder or the homeowner to determine if gutters are desired. Many homeowners don’t understand the full amount of benefits gutters can provide, so they may decline to have them installed. If this is the case, new buyers may want to work with a professional roofing company to have gutters installed as soon as possible after the purchase of the home. This way, the buyer can start getting all of the benefits of the gutters and won’t have to worry about potential issues in their new home. 

What Gutters Do (More Than Collect Leaves)

It’s common knowledge that gutters tend to collect leaves and other debris. Even if there aren’t trees directly over the home, debris can enter the gutters during a period of high wind or be brought there by birds and other wildlife. However, the gutters do a lot more than just collect leaves. They also provide all of the following benefits and more. 

Protect the Home’s Foundation

When water falls off the roof, it goes directly down the exterior of the home and lands near the foundation. Over time, this leads to erosion near the foundation, which can cause damage to the home’s foundation that can be incredibly expensive to repair. With gutters, the water is moved away from the home’s foundation, protecting it from damage. 

Prevent Water Damage

Water damage frequently occurs on roofs near the edge where water falls off. Since this is the bottom of the roof, more water hits this area and, if it ends up puddling for any reason, can cause significant water damage to the exterior or roof. Installing gutters gives the water somewhere to go so it doesn’t end up causing damage to the roof. This can help the roof last longer. 

Help Preserve the Home’s Exterior

Without gutters, water drips down the exterior of the home. Depending on the sunlight received on that part of the home, this could lead to staining and algae or could cause discoloration and fading in the home’s paint. The water can also soak into various components on the exterior of the home, leading to rotting. Gutters move the water away, so the exterior of the home is safe and continues to look good. 

Increase the Value of the Home

Gutters protect the home from damage, so they can help increase the value of the home. Having gutters installed is just one way to quickly and easily increase the value, whether or not you’re planning on selling the home anytime soon. Keep the gutters in good working order, and they’ll continue to add value to the home. 

Divert Water From Doorways

When it’s raining, large amounts of water will run off the roof and over the entryway to the home. If gutters are installed, that rain is diverted, keeping the walkway clear. Installing gutters can help you avoid huge puddles by the front door or a downpour of rain as it falls off the roof. 

Prevent Insects

Insects like wet areas, so any standing water near the home can attract them. Standing water near the foundation can end up breeding mosquitos or attracting termites and other pests. By diverting water away from the home and taking measures to prevent standing water, it’s possible to prevent these insects from getting near or inside the home. 

Protect the Landscape from Erosion

Homes that don’t have gutters will have certain areas, like where two parts of the roof meet, where it’s impossible to grow plants. When there’s a heavy storm, these areas see a higher amount of water, which drowns any plants growing there. With gutters, the water is moved away from the foundation, so the landscaping near the home is safer from the amount of water falling. A beautiful landscape is possible in these areas once again. 

Keeping the Gutters in Working Condition

Gutters are only effective if they’re taken care of – gutters that are ignored are going to clog and cause more problems like standing water by the roof. At least once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to clean out the gutters. Homeowners unsure of doing this job on their own can have it done by a professional. 

Use a ladder to reach the gutters. It is crucial to make sure the ladder is sturdy and to take all safety precautions before beginning the work. It is a good idea to have someone help hold the ladder, if possible. Once it’s possible to see in the gutters, put on gloves and remove as much debris as possible. In areas with lots of trees, the debris can build up fast. Always wear gloves while doing this to avoid being cut on nails, screws, or sharp edges. 

Once most of the debris is removed, use a hose to run water through the gutters and push out the rest. After a few moments, clean water should come out of the gutters. At this point, the gutters are ready to handle the upcoming season. 

Checking Gutters for Damage

At least yearly, take a look at the gutters from the ground to see if there are any signs of damage. Look for areas that are broken or sagging. If possible, take a look from the ground while it’s raining to see if there are any leaks or other concerns. If it’s safe to do so, climb on a ladder to check the interior of the gutters for anything that may be coming loose or need to be repaired. If any signs of damage or excess wear and tear are noticed, call a professional to have the gutters fixed. Fixing them before the rainy season can prevent significant damage to the home and landscaping. 

Installing New Gutters on the Home

If the home doesn’t have any gutters yet, now’s a great time to have them installed. They can be installed during any time of the year and will start protecting the home from water damage immediately. While the job does look simple enough, it is best to let the professionals handle the gutter installation. 

On top of safety concerns, gutters need to be installed at the correct angle to allow water to flow freely and to help prevent the buildup of debris as much as possible. Professionals can also provide advice on different techniques or products to prevent a buildup of leaves and other debris in the gutters. Today, there are numerous options that work well and will help protect the gutters so they can protect the home. 

While having gutters on a home isn’t required, it’s always a good idea. Gutters are designed to move water away from the home, helping to prevent expensive damage. Homeowners in the San Antonio, TX, or the surrounding areas will want to get help today for gutter repairs or a new installation. Contact Bondoc Roofing today to learn about the latest options for gutters or to schedule a consultation to learn more about what will be best for your home. 

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