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What should I be looking for if I want to inspect my roof myself first?

A good rule of thumb is to look around at your ceilings in your home, and also the overhead decking in your attic for any signs of leaking or mold. From outside, grab a pair of binoculars and look around for lifting, slipping, cracked, or missing shingles. If you’re able to see any exposed nailheads, be sure to give us a call to get everything sealed back up for you!

How will I know when I need to call a roofing professional to inspect my roof? It looks fine.

We typically recommend having your roof inspected at least once per year to best catch tiny issues before they turn into larger ones.

What is the Overhead Care Club?

Members of our Overhead Care Club rest easy knowing The Bondoc Team will be visiting their homes annually to inspect their roof, pick up any debris from up there, and seal all exposed nail heads with a high grade sealant. Additional perks include priority guaranteed appointments, lifetime repair guarantee, and 10% discount on all repairs, all for $14.95. Ask your Roofing Advisor for the full details!

How long will a roofing inspection take?

Our team asks that you reserve about an hour for our visit. Your Roofing Advisor will ask a few questions to better learn what issues you have seen with your roof, and whether you prefer for us to only assess that area or if you would like information on what the rest of your roof looks like. We will grab some good photos of your roof and then take some time reviewing all photos and working with you to make the best plan for your upcoming roof project.

Will a roof inspection help me avoid big roof repairs?

Fixing small issues as they happen prevents them from growing or spreading to other parts of your roof. Once a small issue has been fixed, you won’t have to worry about it turning into a big expensive repair in the future. It’s that simple!

How does a roof inspection save me money?

Regular preventative roof inspections are a great way to reduce the amount of money you spend on roof repairs. This also means the money you save can be put away to help in the event of an unpredicted storm. Regular roof inspections also prevent the need for unnecessary replacements. We only want you to pay for what you need.

Do you provide free storm damage inspections?

Storm damage inspections will always be free of charge for hail or wind damage. An extra charge is the last thing you should be worried about when your home and family are on the line.

Why should I consider regular inspections and maintenance?

We highly encourage a regular maintenance schedule, such as our annual 17-point inspection. Our roofing technicians will make sure your roof stays clear of debris and repair any minor damage caused by wind, rain, or hail. Roofing maintenance and inspections aren’t just important for extending the life of your new roof—they’re also an important part of protecting your investment. Most warranties require you to have proof that you’ve had regular maintenance and inspections performed on your roof. We’ll make sure you have the documentation necessary to keep your investment safe.

If I am unable to get on my roof, how will I know the job was done right?

Our team will bundle up a photo package of  before, during, and after shots so that you can see what the issue was, and how we were able to fix it up for you.

Do I need to be home for the inspection?

Yes please! There is so much to discuss in preparation for a roofing project and we strongly believe in reserving at least an hour to review photos and discuss any preferences with your Roofing Advisor to review all details.