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What is the Overhead Care Club?

Members of our Overhead Care Club rest easy knowing The Bondoc Team will be visiting their homes annually to inspect their roof, pick up any debris from up there, and seal all exposed nail heads with a high grade sealant. Additional perks include priority guaranteed appointments, lifetime repair guarantee, and 10% discount on all repairs, all for $14.95. Ask your Roofing Advisor for the full details!

What types of maintenance services do you offer?

Our professional team is happy to help with roof and gutter debris removal and shingle and chimney inspections. We’ll make sure your roof and gutters are fully cleaned before moving on with our inspection. If we notice issues like missing or loosened nailheads, damaged or missing chimney parts, or metal roofs in need of sealant, we’ll fix those issues on the spot.

What do you do during a regular maintenance visit?

Great question! One of our skillfully trained roofing advisors will start with a general assessment of the structural integrity of your roof. They will determine whether there are any damages, such as sagging or buckling sections, as well as the severity of those damages (if applicable). If it is apparent that your roof needs attention, whether it is a minor repair or replacement, we will notify you immediately and discuss options to work with you to make a plan for your roofing project.

Why should I consider regular inspections and maintenance?

We highly encourage a regular maintenance schedule, such as our annual 17-point inspection. Our roofing technicians will make sure your roof stays clear of debris and repair any minor damage caused by wind, rain, or hail. Roofing maintenance and inspections aren’t just important for extending the life of your new roof—they’re also an important part of protecting your investment. Most warranties require you to have proof that you’ve had regular maintenance and inspections performed on your roof. We’ll make sure you have the documentation necessary to keep your investment safe.