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Guide to Hiring a Local Roofing Contractor

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While it may not be the most glamorous part of your home, your roof is certainly the most important. Without this structure, your San Antonio, TX, home is uninhabitable. 

Therefore, it’s important to find dependable roofers to complete any roofing repair or replacement jobs when you need roof work done.

However, knowing how to find dependable contractors can be overwhelming. Instead of entering the journey frazzled and discombobulated, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make the vetting process easier than ever.

Read on to learn how to hire a local roofing contractor.

Find Trustworthy Review Sites

Most homeowners know to check out the reviews for any local roofing contractor before signing a contract. What could possibly go wrong? The reviews you’re looking at might be fake. 

Nowadays, any company with a few extra bucks can hire a writer to draft positive, glowing reviews. 

Be smart when you’re looking for reviews. For obvious reasons, reviews on the company’s actual website have a good chance of being fake or biased. 

When conducting your research, visit trusted sites like the Better Business Bureau, where they confirm the identity of the reviewers. 

Check Insurance 

Insurance is an incredibly important feature of any roofing company. Any legitimate nearby roofing service will have a robust insurance plan to cover any accidental damages during the roofing process. 

The company will cover any workers’ compensation should any injuries or accidents happen during the job. If the company doesn’t, you may have to pay compensation if any accidents occur. 

Before you sign any contracts, make sure you get copies of the roofing company’s insurance policy. If you have a lawyer on hand, ask them to review the policy to make sure that you are covered.

Ask Your Neighbors 

In addition to searching for trustworthy review sites, the best way to find a local roofing contractor is to talk to people you know who have recently worked with a professional roofing contractor.

If you have any San Antonio, TX, neighbors or friends that have had work done and are happy with their nearby roofing service, your best bet is to see if their contractor is available to do the roof replacement or repairs on your home.

Ask About a Workmanship Warranty

One mark of a trustworthy roofer who stands by their performance is when they offer a workmanship warranty. These kinds of warranties provide a guarantee that materials will be installed properly, and that a contractor will fix errors that fall under the terms of the warranty.

A workmanship warranty is distinct from a manufacturer’s warranty, which protects against defects in the materials used in your project. Roofers who are willing to guarantee the work performed by their team have faith in the service they’re offering.

It’s important to look at the terms of the offer because no warranty will cover every aspect of an installation forever. But reputable roofers should stand behind their services.

Pay for Quality 

If a bid sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

As tempting as it is to go with the lowest offer, your roof is one of the most important investments that you’ll ever make. Without a durable roof, your house is unlivable, and a bargain-basement contractor is probably doing bargain-basement work. 

With something as important as a roof, it’s not wise to cut corners or go with the cheapest option. Find a contractor that does quality work. It will be well worth your money.

Consider Bondoc Roofing Today 

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