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Are Metal Roofs Worth The Cost?

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Whether you have an old roof that needs to be replaced or you’re remodeling or building your dream home, you’ll need a roof that keeps your family safe. 

Your roof will be the focal point of your home in San Antonio, TX, and you may be considering an option that makes your house stand out. Luckily for you, metal roofing is stylish, modern, and has hundreds of color options. Furthermore, metal roofs have more longevity and durability than other roofing materials.

However, metal roofs will cost nearly twice as much as a traditional asphalt roof. So you may be wondering, are metal roofs worth the cost?

Purchasing a new metal roof for your home can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000. Although this is expensive, metal roofs have longer lifespans than asphalt shingle roofs. So let’s take a closer look to see if metal roofs are genuinely worth the cost.

Metal Roof Considerations

Before deciding to purchase a metal roof, there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself. This way, you can determine whether investing in a metal roof is the right decision for you and your family.

Here are the questions:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How long do I plan to live in my home?
  • Do I care more about long-term savings or initial savings?
  • Do I value the design quality of metal enough to warrant the investment?

After you finish reading this guide, you’ll be fully prepared to decide whether you should choose a metal or an asphalt shingle roof. 

Advantages of Metal Roofs

First, let’s walk through the advantages the metal roofs offer:

1. Longer Lifespan

Metal roofs have an exponentially longer lifespan than asphalt roofs and can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years. The exact lifespan of the metal roof depends on the materials used to build it and how well it’s maintained.

On the other hand, traditional asphalt roofs have 12 to 25 years of life expectancy. So if you’re planning on staying in your home for several decades, a metal roof is an excellent option. However, if you’re planning on staying in your home for a short-term period, an asphalt shingle roof is likely the better choice.

2. Safety and Protection

Although both asphalt roofs and metal roofs will effectively protect your home and family, metal roofs won’t spark and ignite into flames during a lightning strike or wildfire.

3. Durability

If installed correctly by your local roofing company, metal roofs can sustain wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. Furthermore, metal roofs are impact-resistant depending on which materials you choose and won’t crack or corrode. 

In addition, metal roofs won’t look weathered and old as the years go by and won’t grow mold or algae either. As such, metal roofs are a long-term investment and a long-term solution for your home.

4. Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy savings and efficiency, metal roofs in San Antonio, TX, can offer a 10 to 30% reduction in cooling costs. This benefit comes from the fact that metal roofs reflect the sun’s infrared and UV light rays, which contribute to roof surface radiant heat.

5. Eco Friendly

If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you’ll be glad to know that metal roofs use 25 to 95% recycled content and are also 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. 

Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

Next, let’s discuss the downsides that metal roofs present:

1. Expensive

The biggest disadvantage of metal roofs is the price point. In fact, metal roofs cost two to four times as much as traditional roofing materials. For this reason, it only makes sense to invest in a metal roof if you plan on staying in your home long enough to reap the benefits.

2. Louder than Asphalt Roofs

During heavy rainstorms or hailstorms in San Antonio, TX, metal roofs may be noisier than traditional asphalt roofs. However, this depends on the type of decking used during installation, which can be spaced or solid. Although adding additional attic insulation can reduce noise levels of metal roofs, this is also more expensive.

3. Inconsistent Touch Ups

If your metal roof needs repairs in the future, finding an exact match of the existing metal in your roof may be difficult.

4. Performance

It’s essential to choose a local roofing company that provides high-quality materials during the installation process. Unfortunately, low-grade metals are vulnerable to water damage, rust, and dents. 

For this reason, it’s vital to invest in high-performance materials if you choose to install a metal roof on your home.

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We treat each home we work on as our own and want to find the best solution for your unique needs. Contact Bondoc Roofing today to schedule an in-home consultation with our professional roofing team. We’ll answer any questions you have about metal roofs and help you make the best decision for your home.

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