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Is Your Roof in Disrepair? 10 Signs

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An important aspect of taking care of your San Antonio, TX, home is looking after your roof. While your roof protects the home’s structure and interior from damage, many people take their roof for granted. 

Regularly watch for problems and call a Professional Roofing Company for timely repairs before the damage spreads.

1. Damaged or Missing Shingles 

Every so often, you should walk around the exterior of your San Antonio, TX, home and look at the shingles that are visible from your level. Look for shingles that are missing pieces or buckling, as these indicate a more significant underlying problem with your room.

You should also look for spots where one or more shingles are missing. It’s safe to assume that a few damaged shingles close to the gutters indicate that there are more damaged shingles further up on the roof.

2. Sagging Roof 

You can also evaluate the condition of your home’s roof by looking for sagging or drooping. As you walk around the exterior of your home, look for areas where your roof seems to drop or sag. You can also look at the rafters from inside your home. 

As you enter your attic or crawlspace, look for beams and rafters that look bowed or broken. If you spot any rotted wood, you will need to consult a roofing contractor about scheduling repairs. 

3. Granules Around Your Home

Even though you may not see any broken or missing shingles, your home may still need roof repair services. Look for loose granules in the gutters surrounding your home. If you find any, they’ll require closer inspection by a professional.  

There may also be granules on the ground close to your foundation. The granules are shaken loose from the shingles. As the roof gets older, harsh weather conditions deteriorate the materials.

4. Water Damage Inside the Home

You will need storm damage roof repair if you find water damage inside your home in San Antonio, TX. Look for water stains on the wooden slats and beams in your attic. You may also see water damage on the ceiling and walls on the lower levels of your home. If you find water stains, it’s important to hire a professional roofing company to find and repair the leak before mold growth occurs.

5. High Energy Bills 

You may also need storm damage roof repair services if you notice that your home requires more energy to maintain a moderate temperature. One reason for rising energy bills is that treated air is escaping the home. 

A roofing contractor can tell you if there’s damage to your roof that’s causing air to leak out through the attic or crawlspace. 

6. Damaged Vents

It can be difficult to spot damaged plumbing vents on your San Antonio, TX, roof without hiring a professional to take a closer look. 

Over time, your gutter vent boot can become damaged or loose. If the screws securing the vent boot are missing, moisture may be accessing the underlying roofing materials. 

A roofing professional can replace the vent boot and secure it tightly in place to prevent this type of damage.

7. Damaged or Missing Flashing 

Metal flashing is used to protect the points at which your home’s roof meets a sidewall. The flashing protects these joints from the damage that moisture and humidity can cause. 

If the flashing is damaged or missing, you should schedule roof maintenance before there is water damage. You will need more extensive repairs if you see mold growth in these areas.

8. Gutter Damage 

Another critical area to check for roof disrepair is your home’s gutter system. Even small areas of rust around the joints or brackets can lead to water damage in your home’s structure. 

Your home’s roof and siding can also experience significant storm damage if your gutters aren’t well maintained. Make sure the gutters are cleaned regularly and repaired at the first signs of damage.

9. Damp Insulation

You may not always be able to spot water damage inside your attic if your walls are covered in insulation. In many cases, rainwater that leaks through the damaged roofing materials will slip between the wall and the layer of insulation. 

Since it takes time for the insulation to dry, the wood will stay damp, and mold growth will occur. Feel your insulation after any heavy storm to spot this problem sooner.

10. Chimney Flashing Damage

The chimney is another part of the home you should monitor regularly. The condition of your chimney will affect your San Antonio roof when the flashing around it becomes damaged. 

The flashing on older homes is made from galvanized steel that’s bent and molded around the shape of the chimney. Unfortunately, the steel will rust over time, allowing rainwater to damage the underlying materials.

At Bondoc Roofing, we will help you keep your roof in better condition all year round. We provide the safe and high-quality roof care you need to extend the life of your roof. Contact us for seasonal inspections, repairs, and new roof installations.

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