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12 Important Steps of a Roof Replacement Process

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If you’re like most homeowners, you’re going to need a roof replacement at least once. And also like many homeowners, you’ve maybe never had to schedule one before.

The roof replacement process can be overwhelming and intimidating if you’re not sure what to expect. But the good news is, as long as you hire a reliable, highly-rated roofing company, it should go by quickly and smoothly.

We’ve laid out the 12 steps of the roof replacement process below so that you can be fully prepared!

1) Research Roofing Companies

It’s very important to do your research when looking for a qualified roofing company to perform your roof replacement. There are some great ways to narrow down your search:

  • Ask neighbors and friends for recommendations
  • Read online reviews and testimonials
  • Reach out to companies with trucks or yard signs in your area
  • Refer to a company’s online presence

Resist the temptation to just blindly hire someone down the street without doing your research. Regardless of how you’re introduced to a company, be sure to read their online reviews, verify that they’re fully licensed and insured, and take note of how quickly they communicate with you.

If a particular contractor takes days to return your calls, don’t expect the communication to get better later on in the process. Also, be sure to ask about warranties, financing options, and insurance claim assistance, depending on your situation.

2) Schedule a Few Roof Inspections & Estimates

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Once you’ve narrowed down a few local roofing companies that are fully licensed and insured with good reviews, call two or three of them to schedule roof inspections.

The roofing contractors will come directly to your property to perform a visual inspection. Then, they’ll document their findings and write up a price estimate for the roof replacement. The final price will depend on:

  • The size of your roof
  • The materials you choose
  • If you need to replace the roof deck or not
  • The quality of the labor

3) Select a Contractor

Based on your interactions with the various roofing contractors and the estimates they provided, you can then select the company you want to move forward with. Keep in mind that the cheapest estimate isn’t always the best. Be sure to weigh communication, warranties, financing, and professionalism just as much as the price.

4) Choose Your Materials

The company you choose will then confirm the type of materials you want for your new roof. Architectural asphalt shingles are the most popular option, but there are also other options like metal, tiles, or cedar shakes. It’s likely that the contractor provided different estimates based on various materials earlier in the process.

Your contractor will then order your preferred material in the correct amount based on the size of your roof.

5) Schedule the Project Date

At the same time as you order your materials, you’ll also schedule the service date. The roofing contractor will recommend the earliest date based on their schedule, your schedule, and when the materials will arrive.

6) Materials Get Delivered

packaged roofing materials arriving for replacement

On the afternoon before or the morning of your scheduled roof replacement, the roofing materials will get delivered to your home. They’ll get placed in a dry place near your roof, so don’t move them around.

A high-quality contractor should never deliver the materials multiple days in advance.

7) Move Your Vehicles

On the day of your scheduled roof replacement, be sure to move your vehicles out of your driveway and onto the street. You can keep your cars in the garage as long as you don’t plan on driving them during the replacement. If you think you’ll need to use them, move them out to the street. This practice is so that you don’t get blocked in by the roofing team, and it protects your vehicles from any stray debris.

Be sure to also make your property as accessible as possible for the roofing crew. Put away any children’s toys or yard tools that are around the edge of your home or on your walking paths.

8) Crew Prepares Your Property

The first thing the roofing crew will do is prepare your property for the tear-off. They’ll set up tarps to cover your landscaping and protect your property. They’ll also place their roll-off bins close to the edge of your roof.

It can be a good idea to move any patio furniture or other outdoor valuables into your garage or away from your roof for extra protection.

9) Old Roof Gets Torn Off

When the contracting crew is set up, they’ll begin tearing off your old roof. They start at the top and work their way down. This is the most arduous part of the task.

Sometimes, the plywood roof decking underneath your outer roofing materials is rotten. This can be hard to spot until the roof replacement is already underway. If your crew finds rotten roof decking, they’ll need to replace it, as it could cause serious structural damage. This will extend the length of your roof replacement by a few hours (or an extra day) and also increase the final cost. This doesn’t frequently happen, but it’s good to know that it can so that you’re prepared.

10) New Roof Gets Installed

After tearing off the old roofing materials, the roofing crew will install the new materials. This includes the felt underlayment (ice and water shield), flashing, vents, and outermost shingles. (Plus the plywood roof deck and insulation if needed.)

Once all the shingles are installed, the team puts on the ridge cap shingles, which are the special shingles secured over the topmost ridge of your roof. Most average-size shingle roof replacements only take 1-2 days!

11) Crew Cleans Up & Checks Their Work

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When the new roof is installed, the crew will complete final walkthroughs on their work to ensure everything was properly installed. They’ll also clean up after themselves by disposing of debris and collecting any spare nails from your yard. The contractors will also typically blow out debris from your gutters and downspouts.

12) Final Payment Is Due

When the project is complete, you’ll pay the roofing company for their work. Some companies require a deposit before work begins, and others won’t collect payment until after the project is done. Never work with a contractor that demands the entire project be paid upfront before work begins— that’s a classic roofing scam.

Now, you can sit back and marvel at your beautiful new roof!

We Make the Roof Replacement Process Easy

We hope you’re feeling more prepared for your upcoming roof replacement. If you’re in the San Antonio area, be sure to call Bondoc Roofing for an estimate. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, we’re known as the most reliable roofing company in the area!

Reach out to Bondoc today to get started.

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