Your roof works all year long to keep you safe from harsh winds, hot temperatures, and other weather elements. Although roofs can withstand a lot of damage, they will eventually wear down over time. Our professional roofers at Bondoc Roofing are qualified in roof maintenance and have been trained to repair roof storm damage. If you need roof maintenance in San Antonio, look no further than Bondoc Roofing. Why take time Googling “trustworthy roofers near me” when you know Bondoc Roofing can make your roof as good as new. Bondoc Roofing takes great care of roofs as well as the sweet families of San Antonio who live under them.

When It’s Time for Roof Maintenance

There is no better time than right now to call an expert roofing contractor, like Bondoc Roofing, to take a look at your roof. There may damage up on your roof that you are unable to see from the ground. 

Sometimes you can visually locate damage on your roof, you will definitely want to call a roofing professional. Storms or extreme weather events, like days with high temperatures, often leave your roof damaged. 

You may also notice debris has accumulated on your roof. This can damage your roof’s structural integrity and, over time, possibly cause it to cave in. Other issues that require immediate attention from our professional roofers are: 

Moss-patch growth

Cluttered gutters

A damaged or missing chimney cap

Sagging or buckling sections

Missing or broken shingles

Internal leaking

Critter points of entry

Insufficient ventilation

If you do observe any of these issues, be sure to call the best roofing professionals in San Antonio: Bondoc Roofing. 

It’s also helpful for you to know that these problems can all be not only fixed but prevented with routine roof maintenance. 

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance is key to saving your time and hard-earned money on future repairs. Roof issues that go unnoticed or are neglected can get out of hand (and expensive). With regular roof inspections and maintenance, you are guaranteed to increase the lifespan of your roof and save money.

It is recommended to have a professional roofer inspect and perform maintenance on your roof at least twice a year. Optimal timing is before an extreme weather season, such as the super rainy and windy times, and even scorching hot months.

In anticipation of the hot summers in San Antonio, you should have your roof looked at—especially if you have a wooden shingle roof. 

Heat causes the rafters, joists, and decking to expand. If the support beams expand, the sealant around them will break, and your roof will no longer be supported. Additionally, high temperatures will also shrink the shingles on your roof and cause the nails to pop out of place. 

It’s crucial to have a professional, like one from the Bondoc Roofing team, inspect your roof before extreme weather events occur. Preparing your roof before the start of each season of extreme weather is the best way to prevent larger issues. 

It’s also important that you keep an eye on your roof in between routine maintenance services. If your roof is not properly maintained, routine maintenance can only do so much to help you.

Inspect your roof for visible damages a few times a week, have your gutters cleaned whenever it seems necessary, and keep your roof clear of debris or fallen branches too!

What We Do During Maintenance Visits

You may be wondering what our roof maintenance services include and how extensive they are. Here’s everything you need to know:

General Assessment

One of our skillfully trained roofing advisors will start with a general assessment of the structural integrity of your roof. They will determine whether there are any damages, such as sagging or buckling sections, as well as the severity of those damages (if applicable).

If it is apparent that your roof needs attention, whether it is a minor repair or replacement, we will notify you immediately and discuss options to work with you to make a plan for your roofing project. 

Roof Debris Removal

Typically, sagging and buckling happens when large amounts of debris (e.g., leaves and branches) are on your roof. Debris can add unnecessary weight to your roof. If you don’t keep up on regular maintenance, this extra weight can cause the roof to cave in. Our professionals may remove debris before continuing with the assessment. 

Gutter Debris Removal

Sticks and leaves can also clutter your gutters, which prevents them from working properly. A cluttered gutter can cause leaking, damage to the surrounding landscape, and further roof damage.

We will be sure to include clearing debris from your gutters in your roof project plan.

Shingle Inspection

Once the debris has cleared from your roof and gutters, your Bondoc Roofing Advisor will then inspect the shingles for minor (or significant) problems. Any nailheads that have come up or are missing will be replaced and secured during your roofing project. 

If you have a metal roof, the panels may have corroded over time from heavy rain. This makes for a weak roof that will eventually cave in. The sealant holding the metal panels together may also need to be replaced, and this is something we can definitely help with!

Chimney Inspection

Your chimney must also be inspected for any damages or missing parts. These parts will either be repaired or replaced by our roofing team.

Your roof protects you from, well, just about everything. Now is the time for you to repay the favor. Call Bondoc Roofing in San Antonio today to give your roof the care it deserves!


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