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Why Choose GAF Shingles?

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If you’ve been shopping around for new shingles, you’ve more than likely heard the name GAF or GAF Shingles thrown around. There’s certainly a lot of buzz surrounding these shingles. 

There’s no shortage of reasons why GAF shingles are so renowned and highly praised. But what makes them so great? And why should you choose them? Keep reading to learn more about GAF and find out whether they’re right for you and your home. 

What Is GAF? 

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, you’ve found it with GAF shingles. 

The roofing company first began in the late 1800s. Since then, they have been in unwavering pursuit of producing high-quality shingles and construction materials that both homeowners and construction builders routinely count on. 

Fast-forward to over 100 years later, and GAF remains the leading shingle designer and manufacturer and the preferred choice all across North America. The company routinely earns coveted awards and is consistently named the best shingle designer in the current market. 

When your home is in need of shingles, there’s simply no better choice than GAF. 

GAF Benefits 

With GAF shingles, there are countless benefits that homeowners can enjoy. For one, you gain excellent peace of mind knowing how durable and reliable the shingles are. Additionally, GAF provides excellent warranties, affordable pricing, easy access, and more. 


One standout feature of the GAF shingles is their almost bullet-proof design. 

Each single is crafted with a combination of asphalt, glass fibers, and mineral granules. The combination is noteworthy. Due to the strength of glass and minerals paired with asphalt’s water-resistant nature, these shingles are about as hearty as they come. 

Not only are GAF shingles excellent protection against rain, sleet, hail, ice, or any other water-based element Mother Nature hurdles at you, but they’re also rated as being one of the most fire-resistant. This means that even though San Antonio, TX, sees a wide array of weather, GAF shingles can stand up to it all. 

And because the shingles are manufactured, each shingle has the same consistent quality as the next. 


Each shingle is crafted with immense care and quality. Because of this, GAF claims that these shingles will last a striking 50 years. In most cases, this means that this single roof replacement will be all you need. 

GAF backs up its claim with its impressive 50-year warranty. Most roofing companies offer customers warranties, but GAF is one of the only ones with a warranty that stretches for that amount of time. As a result, their warranties are some of the best in the market. 

And even better, GAF allows their warranties to be transferable one time. So if you sell your home, the next owner can enjoy the peace of mind of a GAF warranty as well. New homeowners should check to see if there’s a warranty on their new roof that can be transferred to them.


You’re not limited to only one type of GAF shingle. GAF knows that there are many types of homes, styles, preferences, and budgets. Luckily, GAF allows any homeowner — no matter the preferences — the ability to choose GAF shingles. 

There are several main categories of GAF shingles: 

  • 3-tab
  • Architectural 
  • Designer shingles 
  • Timberline HDZ
  • And more 

Their flexibility allows homeowners to choose the right fit for them. 

Flexible Pricing 

What sets GAF shingles apart from other premium, top-tier construction material companies is that they set their prices so that the average American family can enjoy GAF shingles. 

They achieve this because they offer a variety of styles, types, colors, and more, all built with the same quality. As a result, any family with an average income can purchase these shingles. From Timberline HDZ shingles to GAF 3-tab shingles, you have a variety of choices to choose from.  

Easy Access 

One significant benefit that homeowners can enjoy is how easy it is to repair and replace their shingles. You will easily be able to find a local roofer who is familiar with GAF and who has extensive experience with GAF. 

Flat Roof Shingles 

As more homeowners experience different roofing types, one popular type that’s becoming more common is the flat roof. GAF provides homeowners with shingles that are compatible with flat roofs. If you live in an urban area with a low-sloping or completely flat roof, GAF provides a full line of effective roofing solutions.  

Call Bondoc Roofing for GAF Shingles

It’s undeniable that GAF shingles are the best shingles in the industry. With a variety of flexible shingle options, affordable pricing, quality materials, durable weather-resistant materials, and some of the best warranties on the market, GAF shingles are, without a doubt, the top of the market. 

If you call San Antonio, TX, home, then consider contacting Bondoc Roofing for premier GAF shingle installation. We’re a team armed with extensive experience, passionate technicians, and competitive pricing. In fact, we’ve even attained Master Elite status with GAF, so there’s no one better to trust.

Looking to install GAF shingles on your San Antonio, TX, home? Contact local roofer Bondoc Roofing to schedule your appointment today! 

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